Janine Akers purchased DataFile Technologies in 2005, just as major HIPAA regulation changes stressed a greater need for healthcare facilities to address patient privacy standards in releasing protected health information (PHI). When Akers started, DataFile only had the company name and four customers. From those humble beginnings, DataFile quickly outgrew the initial service model and leveraged emerging technology to build an innovative approach to the most common HIM challenges.

In 2007, DataFile once again showed itself as a pioneer in the industry, extracting data from EHRs for Release of Information services a full two years before the industry demand hit in 2009. Not only did DataFile pioneer the electronic Release of Information service (eROI), in 2010, we also launched the first completely remote medical records service department. This affords our clients the opportunity to mitigate their risk associated with PHI and the medical records department. With all of this innovation, DataFile has strived to keep our error record well-below industry standards.

As we look ahead to interoperability DataFile continues to assist our clients to improve their health data processes. We know that interoperability does not equal automation. Experts will continue to be vital in the delivery of PHI across EHR software platforms and amongst providers, patients and third-party requestors. Our healthcare data experts are just that–experts, working for you every day.

Always striving to stay ahead of the curve, our combination of technology, expertise, HIPAA-compliant processes and ability to deliver a suite of high quality health information management services, sets DataFile apart from the industry.

DataFile’s office amidst the beautiful Kansas City skyline