“Working with DataFile Technologies is great!  We can depend on them to get things done and in a timely manner.”

– Stephanie B., Practice Administrator

DFT Lobby SignWith many companies now offering health information management solutions, your options can be overwhelming.

And, it’s hard to know who to trust. Who has the best suite of services for your organization? Who has the best track record of compliance and security? Who really is “the expert”?

At DataFile, we don’t just have one expert, Our core purpose is Cultivating and Connecting Healthcare Data Experts.™ We have hundreds of healthcare data experts on our team, many who are clinically-trained professionals.

Our people, our technology, our arduous approach to protecting patients through security and compliance measures… and did we mention our people.. all come together to create a client experience like no other in today’s healthcare landscape.

Here are a few of the top reasons why our client base of healthcare providers, hospitals, academic facilities and community health centers trust the team of healthcare data experts at DataFile to represent them, everyday.


As interoperability moves up in rank on the healthcare Hot Topics List, many big data companies are focusing exclusively on automation to deliver interoperable solutions. At DataFile, we think differently; while technology and automation are certainly important, we know that there will always be a human element to the managment of documents and health information. A person must “touch” the information to ensure it’s accurately routed and filed. Only then can providers and patients trust the data when it matters most.

The healthcare data experts at DataFile are passionate about their work. Many of our team members have worked in private practice, clinical and hospital settings prior to joining the DataFile family. Ranging from clinical training to certifications such as Registered Nurses, our people ensure that health data flows accurately and is accessible in real-time.


While the industry standard for medical records processing by in-house staff is 7 to 10 days, DataFile provides
24-hour turnaround time on records request processing. Faster fulfillment means happier patients –
that’s the 24-Hour DataFile Difference. What’s more, DataFile can ensure incoming patient data gets filed into your EHR as it comes in, so providers always have updated records at the time of a patient visit.


DataFile Technologies has patient privacy as our highest priority. We understand the great responsibility we have to keep our clients compliant and timely with their patients. The DataFile goal is zero errors, but we know that we occasionally make mistakes. It happens. DataFile expends considerable effort to mitigate risk and contain breach incidents. Each year DataFile publishes annual incident statistics to promote transparency.

Our 2015 Error Rate, defined as total breaches and/or violations handled by DataFile that resulted in unauthorized disclosures was 0.0379% (less than four hundredths of one percent). During the 2015 calendar year, we distributed hundreds of thousands of records and had only seven reportable single-patient breaches. In 2015, DataFile reported zero large breach incidents involving PHI for 500 patients or more.


Client support is extremely important to us. We believe our clients deserve more than a satisfactory experience, they deserve an exceptional experience in their partnership with us. Each day, we strive to be the most responsive, accurate and accessible health information company anywhere. With our 91% client retention rate, one of the top rates in our industry, we know our hard work pays off for our clients and their organizations.


Our expert domain knowledge in medical records workflows, processes, and a variety of EHR platforms means we offer you the highest quality services possible. We stay up-to-date on all the major industry and policy changes in the areas of Interoperability, EHR platforms, HITECH Act, pay-for-performance measures, Federal HIPAA Regulations, and State-Specific Protocols–and we happily share best practices with our clients!  You will often find our leadership team attending national conferences to learn or to speak as industry thought-leaders. We take pride in our responsibility to ensure that knowledge translates to compliant action in the health information management setting.


DataFile offers complete, field-tested solutions, developed through our practical experience and technical know-how. We understand every healthcare organization is different and we don’t presume a one-size-fits-all solution will be a fit for you. We take the time to understand your real business drivers and tailor our services to help you achieve them.

DataFile is proud to partner with some of the top EHR vendors in our industry. As “super-users” of numerous EHR platforms, we’re especially proud to be partners to eCW, NextGen, eClinicalWorks, e-MD’s and GE.