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Insurance Verifications – New Way to Improve the Check-In Process & Bottom Line

Healthcare workers who are at the front desk and in the billing office are at the epicenter of an unprecedented “shake-up” in health insurance coverage and physician reimbursement. These employees struggle to keep pace with this rapidly shifting healthcare landscape. They experience the day-to-day challenges brought on by each new development.  This is especially true when it comes to accurately collecting insurance and billing information from patients.  At DataFile, we are constantly working to improve existing technology, find creative staffing solutions, and ultimately develop service lines that will serve your patient, your employees and your practice.

Automated insurance verification is a feature of most electronic health record systems, but many practices still experience technology gaps and other challenges with their current verification solution.  As practices strive to prioritize patient satisfaction, staff efficiency and profit, those efforts call for a creative approach.  Providers need a solution that will complement what is often already in place, solve existing gaps and accomplish their objectives in such a way that makes financial sense.

Needs Often Outpace Growth of Front Office & Billing Staff

Determining the current active insurance for patients is not always easy.  New health plans regularly emerge and existing plans consolidate, deductible and copay amounts change frequently and coverage sometimes alternates from active to inactive monthly.  Insurance verification software is already widely adopted, but unfortunately, challenges still remain.

In nearly all physician offices employees fulfill multiple roles, making it difficult to become an expert in any one area. Whether it is due to difficulty assimilating health plan web-portal changes, or the challenges of understanding the intricacies of third-party verification tools, simply finding the time to perform proper insurance verification can be difficult.  In addition to the straightforward tasks, more time is needed to research any possible discrepancies.  Without the right insurance verification tools and expertise, medical offices risk overburdened staff members, incomplete coverage information, annoyed patients and decreased cash flow.

Patients Want Guidance on Insurance Benefits

Despite confusion brought on by regulations and consolidation, patients want to understand their insurance coverage and benefits more than ever. If patients have questions, they expect your staff to have the answers. Ultimately, your patient satisfaction can be impacted because patients believe medical offices have a responsibility to “get it right” when it comes to knowing coverage details, collecting copays correctly and submitting accurate insurance claims the first time.  When a seemingly straightforward task, like insurance verification, is not done correctly, a simple trip to the doctor’s office can turn into a frustrating journey for the patient.

The patient’s first impression of your practice often starts with insurance and benefits verification.  Getting this wrong for a patient greatly effects overall patient satisfaction for that visit, and ultimately impacts your practice’s reputation.  When a comprehensive insurance verification process is in place, patient experience is improved by:

  • Creating a smooth check-in experience
  • Decreasing patient wait time up to 70%
  • Ensuring correct financial responsibility is communicated at the time of service
  • Preventing the patient from receiving unexpected future bills
  • Establishing an atmosphere of trust of confidence in the healthcare provider

Although there are certainly layers of complexity when attempting to achieve high levels of patient satisfaction, knowing the correct insurance coverage information is a great start and one the practice can easily address.

How the Practice Benefits

Along with improving your patient experience, accurate insurance verification offers substantial benefits to the practice. Whether it is due to billing the wrong payer, collecting an inaccurate copay or simply tackling claim rejections, practices have many negative effects when insurance verification fails. Improving quality and speed for insurance verifications has a significant impact on the bottom line by:

  • Increased cash flow
  • Improved efficiency with front office and billing processes
  • More accurate point of service collections
  • Fewer write-offs due to incorrect payers, uncollectible amounts or untimely filing

While no solution for verification will have 100% accuracy, our insurance and benefits verification solutions combine advanced technology with staffing expertise, creating a measurable impact on the financial health of the practice.

Physician / Clinician Benefits

The overall practice benefits and those felt by the patient are fairly obvious, but clinicians also benefit from utilizing a purpose-built insurance verification solution. In fact, decreased check-in time creates a more efficient back office, allowing more patients to be seen.  Additionally, knowing up front the coverage in effect for the patient keeps last minute cancellations to a minimum and helps the provider’s schedule stay full.

Why DataFile for Insurance Verifications?

With DataFile’s insurance eligibility verification (IEV) solution, practices can leverage experienced HIM specialists blended with purpose-built technology to maximize revenue and maintain consistent patient volume. Through a secure connection, our team will seamlessly access your patient schedule, perform insurance verification, and when needed, search for and report all insurance coverage currently in effect for the patient.  Performing this function optimally prior the patient’s appointment fosters more efficient workflow, alleviates some burden for staff members and allows staff to stay focused on patient-centered functions. Put simply, the right IEV solution can increase patient satisfaction and the engagement of healthcare workers involved.

A Solution Tailored to Your Needs

Because insurance eligibility influences your practice from top to bottom, we understand your need for an insurance verification service that can be structured to suit your unique needs and does not interrupt current workflow. We offer multiple service options including basic verification, coverage discovery, customized patient benefit summaries and even a patient cost estimation tool. Ultimately, we want to help you overcome whatever your challenges are and hope you choose to discover how insurance verification can present a great opportunity instead of being a constant burden. Learn more about insurance eligibility by contacting us today.

DataFile Technologies Achieves Women’s Business Enterprise Distinction

DataFile Technologies, a leader in health information management (HIM) solutions, announced today that it has received national certification from the Women’s Business Development Center – Chicago, a Women’s Business Enterprise Council (WBENC) Regional Partner Organization.

Janine Akers purchased DataFile Technologies in 2005, which included only the company name and four customers. From those humble beginnings, DataFile quickly outgrew the initial service model and leveraged emerging technology to build an innovative approach to the most common HIM challenges. Akers has led the organization through rapid growth over the last 12 years, offering solutions such as fulfillment of medical records requests, document management and routing, and scanning for electronic health record system conversions to healthcare organizations of all types and sizes. DataFile works with HIM departments and leaders across the country to improve operational efficiencies that can assist in achieving metrics for new reimbursement requirements as well as supporting patient satisfaction initiatives.

“We are excited to be officially certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise. We want to continue to grow our team of healthcare data experts while expanding our footprint in the health IT industry,” said Akers, CEO of DataFile Technologies. “The WBE certification will give us not only new opportunities for growth, but the ability to network with and learn from other woman-owned organizations across the country.”

The WBE certification for women-owned businesses certifies that a company is at least 51% woman/women owned and controlled. It is the most rigorous and sought after certification of its kind. Companies and government agencies that include women-owned businesses as their vendors show their commitment to fostering diversity, which the WBENC believes sparks innovation and creates partnerships and opportunities that fuel the economy.

DataFile Technologies Announces Chris Berland as New CFO

(Kansas City, Mo. – May 5th, 2017): DataFile Technologies, a leader in health information management solutions, today announced Chris Berland has joined the company as Chief Financial Officer. The new post was added to the leadership team to provide a dedicated focus on financial strategy, planning, processes and systems.  Berland’s appointment to the CFO post comes as the company continues to expand its footprint in a rapidly growing industry.

Berland’s background in health IT with Allscripts, an EHR/practice management platform, along with prior experience working in growth stage companies, makes him an ideal fit for the leadership team at DataFile. The combination of Berland’s experience and his entrepreneurial approach to financial management enables him to pursue DataFile’s aggressive growth goals while balancing day-to-day financial leadership responsibilities.

Prior to his new role with DataFile, Berland worked as Chief Financial Officer for OpenMobile, a Boston-based early-stage technology company that developed software to support Android application developers in expanding their revenue opportunities within the mobile market. A graduate of Kansas State University and native of Manhattan, Kan., Berland saw DataFile not only as a unique opportunity within the health IT industry but also a chance to return to the Midwest.

“With my Midwest mentality, this opportunity was very appealing to me. I’m excited to join a company that’s been built on integrity and hard work,” said Berland. “Janine is an exceptional CEO who has compiled a management team with a proven track record and has made it a mission to create a fun and entrepreneurial environment that cultivates winning.  I believe my background and financial acumen will supplement the existing team’s skills, and together we will propel the company to the next level of growth.”

CEO Janine Akers shares in the enthusiasm. “It’s an exciting time for our company,” Akers commented. “Not only are we positioned for exciting growth in health IT, but we continue to attract top talent to our team, from the executive to implementation levels. With the addition of Chris and the depth of knowledge he brings to our team, we look forward to continuing our path of growth.”

Leading HIM Company Commits to Client Satisfaction by Growing Its Client Experience Team

DataFile Technologies announces promotion of Melissa Schmitt, former Director of Clinical Services, to join the company’s client experience department.

(Kansas City, MO – January 24th, 2017) DataFile Technologies, a leader in health information management solutions, expands its client experience team, with the addition of Melissa Schmitt, the company’s former Director of Clinical Services, as Client Experience Manager. Schmitt brings her expertise in developing the clinical services department over the past four years, to the growing client experience team, where she will directly impact the company’s continued focus on client satisfaction and quality solutions.

For Janine Akers, CEO of DataFile, adding Melissa to the client experience team is a logical progression. “From the inception of our company, we have put a focus on not just being aware of the challenges facing our clients in running their offices, we have strived to be an educational resource to help them truly understand regulation changes, process improvements and how those impact their day-to-day operations.” Akers shares. “We partner with our clients and we want to ensure we bring one of the highest quality solutions to their office, each and every day.”

“Melissa has been instrumental in the growth and success of our clinical services department over the past four years. As we continue to look ahead to the future of DataFile, we collaborated with Melissa to maximize her passion and skills and have come to the conclusion that her talents will best be utilized by our growing client experience department.” Akers shares. “Her vast knowledge and subject matter expertise will prove vital as we continue to maintain excellent relationships with our clients.”

As Ben Bull, Director of Sales and Client Experience grows his team, he knows the importance of having Schmitt’s expertise utilized in this department. “We have committed to focusing on our client’s satisfaction and ensuring we build strong relationships to maximize the value of their DataFile solutions. Having our internal top talent, someone who knows our clients well and knows our solutions offerings, will be crucial as we continue to grow our business and our name in the industry.”

DataFile Celebrates Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week

At DataFile Technologies, we recognize that our greatest compliance asset is our people. To celebrate our commitment to compliance, we participated in Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week (CCEW) for the first time. This year’s global event ran from November 6 through November 12, and centered around the theme “Provide. Protect. Prevent.” Together, members from our Compliance Team and the DataFile Engagement and Cultural Ambassadors (DECA) Committee put together a week of daily activities designed to entertain, educate and reward our team of healthcare data experts.


paris-and-shannonTo kick off Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week, Friday November 4th we hosted a Lunch & Learn event. Compliance Manager Gary Powell, Regulatory Compliance Advisor Kathryn Ayers Wickenhauser and Chief Information Officer Trent Peters were present to answer any compliance questions our team had. Employees who submitted questions prior to the event were entered to win a raffle prize. Attendees at the event were also encouraged to ask any questions they had in the open forum manner. For nearly an hour our team asked great questions and lively discussion ensued. In accordance with the CCEW theme “Provide,” attendees were offered pizza.



scott-and-michaelFollowing the CCEW theme “Protect,” DECA hid fictitious PHI in locations around our office each day of CCEW, an event we deemed the “PHI Prowler Challenge.” For our valued remote employees, DECA also designed activities for them to find fictitious PHI in unsuitable locations as well. The first team member to identify the inappropriate placement and identify the PHI to DECA committee members was rewarded with “HIPAA Hippos. The event became progressively more challenging as the week went on as team members searched to find and identify the decoy PHI. We’re proud to say our healthcare data experts identified and corrected every incorrectly placed piece of false PHI!



Aligned with the theme “Prevent,” the Compliance Team postedscott-and-jody a daily compliance question on our intranet. Employees submitted answers for a chance to win a $10 gift card raffle prize. The following day, the correct answer was posted, along with an educational article about the answer. Topics included:  “Why We at DataFile are #HIPAAnerds,” “The DFT Compliance Team and What It Does,” “Don’t Pass on Creating a Strong Password,” “Breaches, Violations, and Beyond” and “Getting Social.”

This activity was a great way to provide our healthcare data experts with timely information to continue to prevent compliance concerns. We also introduced the “Confidential Compliance Corner” through our internet, a platform that allows team members to anonymously submit any comment, question or observation they may have related to the DataFile Compliance Team.

CCEW Conclusion

Overall, Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week was a great way to share knowledge and connect with our healthcare data experts. Compliance Manager Gary Powell expressed, “This was a great inaugural compliance week! This annual event is central to our mission to build and maintain a culture of compliance in our organization and we look forward to a bigger, better compliance week next year!”


Client Spotlight: Canyonlands Healthcare

To Alleviate Staff and Physician Burden, Canyonlands Healthcare Turns to DataFile for ROI and eFile Solutions.

Canyonlands Healthcare, a private, not-for-profit corporation providing consumer directed health centers with locations across northern and southeastern Arizona, is not unique in the burden and backlog they experienced by fulfilling records requests and other services in-house. There simply “isn’t enough time in the day” for staff to provide outstanding patient care, while keeping up with administrative tasks. Staff, leaders and physicians are all required to do more, with less resources, in the same amount of time, while swimming in a sea of regulations.

In search of a resolution to the backlog and frustrations, leaders at Canyonlands vetted the DataFile suite of solutions and chose to move their in-house medical records fulfillment, along with their chart filing tasks, to the team of healthcare data experts at DataFile.

“The more we looked at the solutions DataFile offered, the more we realized it was the right fit for us. Our processes for fulfilling records requests and scanning for patients charts were fragmented,” shares Patient Services Supervisor Margaret Mangione. “As we implemented the ROI and eFile services, the way both services were tailored to our process really made it an easy transition for our staff and our physicians.”

Client Services Manager, Rafael Jones, has worked with the Canyonlands team for almost a year. “Working with Margaret and her team has been very rewarding, “Jones states, “Our team has been able to dive in to learn their specific workflows to ensure we support them in the best way possible. The patient care they provide communities in Arizona is so important, it’s rewarding to alleviate some of their administrative burden so they can deliver the best care to their patients each day.”

As with any change in an organization, some initial apprehension is always expected. As DataFile and Canyonlands Healthcare began to work together, ensuring that physician workflows remained consistent was at the top of the priority list in building the client’s process. “DataFile tailors the eFile process to our workflows; this makes it much easier for our providers to grasp what’s going on and, it reassures them that their patient charts and EHR are still the same, but updated in a timely manner,” shares Mangione.

When asked which service has had the biggest impact on their organization so far, Margaret is quick to share, “The eFile services have had the most profound affect on the organization. The providers love having scans and updated information in the patient charts within 24-48 hours. They are really pleased with this timely approach that allows them to provide the best care to their patients at the time of service.”

While the eFile services from DataFile have had a strong impact on the clinical workflows and patient care at Canyonlands Healthcare, the staff and administrators have seen measurable improvements from the ROI service as well. Margaret continues, “In my world, the compliance side has had the most profound affect. My mind is at ease knowing DataFile keeps us compliant with our release of information. I also appreciate the support we receive when a patient has a legal matter that requires records be released. I know those requests for releases are being handled timely, appropriately and it takes a real burden off me and my staff.”

As Canyonlands Healthcare continues to service patients in the communities of Northern and Southeastern Arizona with integrated primary and preventive care, improving access and removing financial barriers to care for their consumers, DataFile is proud to work behind the scenes as a trusted partner. “Helping our clients free up their time, eliminate burden and worry so that they can focus on their patients—that’s what we’re here for,” says Jones. And, if you ask any healthcare data expert at DataFile, that’s the best part of their job!

Interested in learning more about ROI or eFile services with DataFile? Our team will be happy to help you discover if the suite of DataFile solutions may be a fit for your organization. Please visit us online at, email us at, call 816.437.9134, or, if you prefer, send a carrier pigeon to our offices in beautiful Kansas City, MO!

DataFile Technologies Announces the Promotion of a New Director

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – July 18, 2016 – PRLog — DataFile Technologies, a leader in health information management solutions, announces the promotion of Benjamin Bull to lead the Business Development and Client Experience teams. With this internal promotion, DataFile continues its trend of building a strong leadership team to drive and support the rapid growth of the company.Ben-Bull-Web

Bull credits his passion for business and a strong work ethic from watching his father, Randall Bull, Sr., a life-long entrepreneur in the construction industry. Ben started his career as an entrepreneur, working alongside his father in the family construction company. He later transitioned into sales, working with a Fortune 500 company in a number of roles from outside sales, sales supervisor to leading the Kansas City region’s largest branch location, participating in talent development and corporate leadership programs. He earned a number of accolades including Sales Manager of the Year, along with an Innovation Award for new service line implementation.

Continuing his proven track record of performance, execution and leadership, Ben found DataFile to be the perfect fit to balance his love of entrepreneurial endeavors and strength in leading teams to achieve success and drive innovation. He started his career at DataFile as the company’s sales manager, then business development manager and now his new role as Director of Business Development and Client Experience.

CEO, Janine Akers, knows what to look for in the leaders she attracts and cultivates. “In a start-up environment, you need people who are up for new challenges, each and every day. They have to be flexible and team-oriented to ensure your success.” Akers continues, “Ben was initially brought to DataFile to provide structure to our sales department; with our rapid growth, being strategic with our sales team was crucial. We had the talent, the drive and the leadership, Ben has really been the vehicle to drive structure, accountability and mobility to our sales team. He now leads our Client Experience process as we continue cultivating strong relationships with our clients.”

As Bull settles into his new role, excitement is one of the words he uses to describe what lies ahead. “I’m very excited; excited because we are in an extremely fast growing market, a huge industry. The way our business model at DataFile is arranged, there are opportunities for new verticals and valuable service offerings we can bring to multiple industries with the data experts we develop.”

Ben is further charged with leading the client experience initiatives at DataFile, a challenge he passionately accepts. “With the onset of our client experience initiatives, we are striving to be the best, not the biggest, player in our market space. Our goal is centered on developing our people so that we are best in class when it comes to competing in the healthcare data industry. I feel honored to be one of the leaders steering our growth and fueling the people to sustain it.”

Expanding our Leadership Team; Jean Hansen, MBA, FACMPE Joins DataFile as New COO.

Former CEO of Kansas City Internal Medicine, Jean Hansen, MBA, FACMPE brings years of practical healthcare organization leadership experience to the daily operations of our growing health information management company.

“With my background in leading medical practices, I look forward to bringing my knowledge of the clinical Jean-Hansen-Websetting to the solutions side of our industry,” said Hansen. “From implementing pay-for-performance measures, navigating healthcare regulation changes and working directly with providers and staff, all of these experiences will translate into actionable operational advancements for our DataFile clients.”

Adding Hansen to the leadership team is an important factor to the organization’s growth equation. “From the inception of DataFile, we have put a focus on not only being aware of the challenges facing our clients in running their organizations, we have strived to be an educational resource to help them truly understand regulatory changes, process improvements and how these impact their day-to-day operations,” said Janine Akers, CEO of DataFile.

“We’ve built our DataFile operations team by recruiting top talent from the healthcare industry, including LPNs, RNs and other medical staff,” continued Akers. “This gives us a unique position in the industry to provide high quality, valuable solutions that simply work better for our clients. As COO, Jean will lead our operations team toward process improvements to ensure DataFile responds to industry demands while delivering exceptional quality and value to our clients.”

Hansen is a member of the 2012 class of Women Who Mean Business awarded by the Kansas City Business Journal and received the Ingram’s Magazine “WeKC” Women’s Executive-Kansas City Award for positive executive leadership and significant contributions to the Kansas City region overall. She has held leadership positions and remains active with the national Medical Group Managers Association (MGMA), the MGMA-Missouri and local chapters as well as the Gastroenterology Administration Assembly (GAA) and the Missouri Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (MASCA). Jean is a Fellow in the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE).

We are excited to welcome Jean as we continue to grow and focus on superior client service!