“DataFile is amazing. We reached out to them on short notice, due to a staff member going out on FMLA.  They were able to expedite the initiation process and were exceptional in completing our eFiling in a timely manner. I give my highest recommendation for DataFile, if you are looking for someone to fill your organizations eFiling needs.”

-Lauren S., Operations Manager



Transfer the management of incoming documents to a trusted partner. DataFile utilities clinically-trained and certified staff to file incoming faxed and scanned documents according to workflow processes defined by your organization.

Using a HIPAA-secure, remote network connection, DataFile will access all incoming information received by your organization throughout the day.  Our clinically-trained and certified staff analyze the information and appropriate it within your EHR according to your specific workflows, matching your organization’s naming and routing standards.

The DataFile eFile services increase provider efficiency by keeping charts up-to-date with our industry-leading same-day turnaround time.

eFile Plus

eFile Plus is an advanced clinical document management solution which enables organizations to transfer EHR tasks to a trusted partner, DataFile.

eFile Plus is tailored to fit the specific needs of your organization, allowing you to focus on what matters most-your patients. Close care gaps and enjoy peace of mind that pay-for-performance metrics are being tracked in your EHR. Eliminate records backlogs and increase provider efficiency by keeping charts up-to-date with our same-day turnaround time.

DataFile staff is clinically experienced and understands medical terminology, pathology, diagnosis and medical procedures. Our clinicians analyze the information and appropriate it within your EHR to fit the specific needs of your organization. DataFile can assist your clinical staff or serve as your outsourced medical records department.

Please note, eFile Plus is not a standalone service; it must be accompanied by standard eFile service.

Why is eFile service better than traditional medical record filing?

  • Eliminate records backlog and delays caused by staff vacation, sick leave and other HR related issues.
  • Increase Efficiency – we file continuously throughout the day. Providers know that patient charts updated and ready prior to a patient visit.
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction – eFile reduces time spent searching your EHR for documents needed at the time of a patient visit.
  • Mitigate Risk – consistently trained medical filing professionals mitigate risk away from your organization and your patient.
  • Cost Effective – we charge a reasonable flat rate per document (not per page). Volume discounts available.
  • Additional Value – when used in combination with eROI services from DataFile, your medical records department will truly shine! Or you can choose to essentially outsource your entire medical records department.
  • Tailored for You – eFile is 100% customizable to the needs of your organization.