Electronic Release of Information

DataFile’s cutting edge approach to Release of Information (ROI) allows us to completely handle this time consuming process on behalf of your practice. Using a customized Service Level Agreement which we build with you, DataFile processes and fulfills all third party ROI requests sent to your practice with a twenty four hour turnaround. By signing a Business Associates Agreement with DataFile, your practice can ensure full transfer of HIPAA liability for any record which we process. Working with DataFile will allow your practice to substantially decrease the volume of calls from third parties seeking status updates for medical records requests, assist with your Meaningful Use attestation, and allow you to reallocate valuable resources away from the ROI process.

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Do you currently handle ROI requests in-house?

  • Free up the hundreds of hours your staff spends on phone calls, printing, mailing and request analysis.
  • Eliminate the training of medical record clerks on your EMR software and the complexities of ROI and HIPAA.
  • Daily processing of requests increases patient satisfaction.
  • DataFile’s eROI allows you to determine the service model that best fits your needs.
  • We are an extension of your business and your customer service. We take your patient satisfaction seriously.

Do you currently outsource your ROI to a copy service?

  • Daily processing of requests significantly decreases the time your patients wait for records to be distributed. Increased patient satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Utilizing advanced technology eROI processes eliminates copy service staff taking up space and resources in your office and fraternizing with your staff.
  • A secure VPN connection is much safer than a copy service “driving” off with paper copies of records or decrypted digital copies. With DataFile, records are transferred securely from your system to our SAS70 certified datacenter.
  • DataFile eROI allows you to determine the service model that best fits your needs.


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