The Importance of Being Authentic

At DataFile, we’re in the human business. We’re constantly working with people – our employees, partners, clients and prospective clients. Because what we do relies so heavily on human connections and relationship-building, one of the most important aspects of our business is trust – and trust is built on a foundation of authenticity.

Our first core value at DataFile is “Be Authentic,” which we define as follows: Real, actual, genuine and true. This is a safe place to admit mistakes quickly and empathetically in order to fail forward. Authentic people embody honesty, accountability, transparency and openness above all things.

While we promote the idea of being authentic as a core value for our team members, it’s not just an internal concept – it’s a guiding principle in our service to others. We feel that being authentic and valuing a genuine approach to service and relationships has tremendous benefit for others well outside our walls.

What Do We Mean by “Be Authentic”?

Believe it or not, there are a number of simple, practical steps businesses can take to give life to the principle of being authentic. Here’s how we do embody authenticity toward our customers and partners at DataFile:

Setting clear and reasonable expectations from the beginning

By establishing clear and reasonable expectations from the get-go, we set our clients and ourselves up for success. If everyone is on the same page about how a process will unfold and what the outcomes will be, we’re better able to operate, learn and grow from our failures and, better yet, share in our successes.

Offering transparency and open communication

Open, transparent communication is essential to setting clear expectations and establishing trust. At DataFile, we strive to communicate early and often. We don’t want to gloss over issues or give partial answers. If we don’t know an answer, we’d rather be honest, ask for clarification and set a time when we’ll circle back with more information. Not only does this help us build rapport with our clients, colleagues and partners, but it also lays the foundation for more positive, longer-lasting relationships.

Owning mistakes or misunderstandings should they arise

Mistakes happen. However, the way we respond to a mistake often says more about us than the mistake itself. A cornerstone of being authentic is owning our mistakes – and not just owning them, but being humble enough to learn and grow from them, no matter how hurt or embarrassed we may feel. This requires openness and transparency in our communication as well as a safe, trusting environment.

Collaborating to create a win-win solution

For us, being authentic in finding solutions means that we can’t just function for our own self-serving gain nor can we continually choose courses of action that are detrimental to the health of our business. The right solutions, we feel, can deliver benefits to both parties. True collaboration isn’t about convincing everyone around you why your idea is the best or most effective, it’s about compromise and working to create win-win situations for all collaborators.

Conducting ourselves with honesty at all times

At DataFile, honesty isn’t just about speaking the truth – it’s about conducting ourselves with integrity and respect for our business, our workplace, our team and our clients. This requires us to be honest about our responsibilities and willing to communicate about them with others – even if the situation is uncomfortable or negative. Why? Because that’s how we like to be treated when the tables are turned. Acting with honesty is essential to creating an authentic work environment that empowers people to build relationships and grow as professionals.

While the principle of “Be Authentic” is just one of DataFile’s core values, we feel it is the most essential for laying a foundation where we, along with our clients and partners, can grow and thrive. This foundation of authenticity is what helps us achieve the highest levels of service for our customers, including providing industry-leading accuracy, compliance and turnaround times on requests. More importantly, however, being authentic has enabled us to form lasting professional and personal relationships that go well beyond our products or services.

To learn more about DataFile’s unique, “human” approach to health information management, read our story here.

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