The Importance of Being Engaging

Don’t let the “technologies” in our name fool you. While we embrace and utilize technology to complete our work, DataFile’s main business is people. Without people, we wouldn’t exist, and as with any relationship, being engaged is key. We rely heavily on proactively cultivating a positive connection and using our communication skills to build and maintain relationships between employees, partners, clients and prospective clients.

In order to achieve continued success in our relationships, we rely on a practice of well-planned engagement, which is why DataFile’s second core value is “Be Engaging.” For us, that means “Ask for help. Offer Help. This is a place that fosters the spirit of asking for help and offering it to others. To ask for help is to gain wisdom. A valuable trait of an engaging team member is to encourage, support and collaborate with your colleagues to achieve team success.”

Day-to-day here at DataFile this core value manifests itself in a few key ways:

  • We’re constantly encouraging the team to ask for help if they need it.
  • In the same vein, we are equally focused on offering proactive help to each other and our clients when we can.
  • Rather than settle for “good enough” – we’re always looking for ways to improve.
  • If one person experienced an issue, chances are more will follow. Share the lessons we learn, and if we fail, fail forward.

Janine Akers, CEO of DataFile, has an interesting take on being engaging. “Everyone will OFFER help as good stewards of our community… but growth, success and stellar customer experiences happen when people feel comfortable that they can ASK for help.”

Originally, we only promoted this concept internally, but we’ve realized good engagement is a founding principle in our service to others. True, purposeful engagement shows strong benefits for those on the other end of the phone, email or board room. Being engaged with our clients is more than just promoting open lines of communication and responding. There are numerous ways that we actively work to be engaged with our customers and partners, including…

Offer Proactive Solutions

We don’t wait until a problem happens – we strive to foresee potential risks, identify recurring challenges and find opportunities to lend a helping hand. Our proactive approach prevents problem-clusters from forming on your end or ours, and keeps issues from springing up down the road.

Raise a Hand to Problems

We’re constantly encouraging our team members to ask for help if they need it; raise your hand and fail forward, we like to say. DataFile employs the same tactic with our customer relationships. Although it doesn’t happen often, when we do cry “UNCLE!” we’re interested in gaining a solution and learning from our mistake. What’s more, we realize that if one person is experiencing an issue, that’s our cue to share our lesson and continue to grow together.

Success Is Everyone’s Job

Our goal is to enable practices across the country to perform at their most efficient, so provider and staff focus can be on the things that matter, like patient care. DataFile sees success coming not through competition but through collaboration that can grow and advance. Rather than settle for “good enough” – we look for ways to improve as a team. And there’s never a time to say, “That’s not my job.” Performing for our clients and working as a team, no matter how big or small the task, is everyone’s job!

“Be Engaging” is the second core principle that DataFile honors, but it is definitely not second in value. A culture of open communication and proactive engagement has cultivated the best experience for our customers, not to mention our industry leading compliance, accuracy and turnaround times on requests. In addition to our first core value “Be Authentic”, being engaged has allowed us to form lasting professional and personal relationships that go well beyond our products or services.


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