At DataFile Technologies, we promise to be accessible, accountable and responsive to your needs. Our healthcare data experts live our core values of being authentic, engaging and intrapreneurial every day.  We strive for you to see our values in action through our Brand Promise to you.


We will respond to you.

  • Pristine: 2-hour communication response - minimally, acknowledge the receipt of their correspondence
  • Acceptable: 8 business hours
  • Unacceptable: 8+ business hours 


We will uphold our commitments and admit when we are at fault.

  • We're people of our word.
  • One of our core values is being authentic, which gives us the ability to be accountable.
  • We're confident in what we agree to and confident in what we cannot agree to. 


We'll navigate and champion all issues to ensure resolution that is satisfactory to all. 

  • We'll ensure closure on all concerns, changes or unknowns.
  • We work until there is resolution so you feel confident that we're handling things.
  • All I's dotted and t's crossed. No loose ends or "loosey-goosey" resolution.

“Working with DataFile Technologies is great! We can depend on them to get things done and in a timely manner.”

– Stephanie B., Practice Administrator

"During our 10 years, we have had great service, support and continuing education. I am always so impressed by their communication — they keep us updated about the latest changes expected by the government and insurance industry."

– Debi M., HIM Manager