Focus on patients—not paperwork

You need a business associate that provides high quality health information management services to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and improve the patient experience. DataFile is continuously innovating service delivery, technology and back office processes to alleviate administrative burden off your staff. Our health information management experts act as a remote extension of your team — saving you countless hours of administrative work and preventing turnover costs.


Our staff strives every day to create a positive and supportive culture that embodies our core values. Our clients can see our values in action.

AuthenticAuthentic people embody honesty, accountability, transparency and openness above all things. We want employees to be genuine and true to themselves and to their colleagues.
EngagedWe foster a spirit of asking for help and offering it to others. An engaging team member is encouraging, supportive and collaborative with their colleagues for team success.
IntrapreneurialEmployees own their career satisfaction — they take ownership of achieving impact, results and success through owning mistakes, taking advantage of learning opportunities and creating a growth plan.


Many of our staff come from healthcare organizations and practices, so we understand the demands of a medical office and how workflows directly impact patient care and satisfaction. Our expert domain knowledge in medical record workflows, processes and a variety of EHR platforms means we offer you the highest quality services possible. We stay up-to-date on all major industry and policy changes and happily share our best practices with our clients!


You need fast and accurate results. The industry standard for medical records processing is 7 to 10 days. But at DataFile, we guarantee a 24-hour turnaround. Faster fulfillment means happier patients and quieter phones — and that’s the DataFile difference. We’ll even ensure incoming patient data is filed into your EHR in real-time, so providers always have updated records at patient visits.


Patient privacy is important — which means it’s a high priority for us too. We understand the criticality of HIPAA compliance and data security, which is why we always strive for flawless accuracy. We expend considerable effort to mitigate risk and contain breach incidents and promote transparency by publishing an annual accuracy statistics report.


You want a partner you can count on, so you don’t have to go through the headache of constantly training new staff. DataFile believes in providing our clients with more than a satisfactory experience and strives to provide you with extraordinary service by being the most responsive, accurate and accessible health information management company possible. Our 95% client retention rate, one of the highest in the industry, says it all.


As interoperability becomes the center of healthcare discussions, big data companies are shifting their focus to creating more automation. At DataFile, we think differently. While technology and automation are certainly important, we know there will always be a human element to the management of health information. For providers and patients to trust data when it matters most, someone will always need to “touch” information to ensure it’s accurately routed and filed. We believe it’s critical to look for ways to deliver interoperability with the human touch in mind.

Let us provide you with a cost savings analysis customized to your practice to demonstrate what DataFile can do for you.

“Working with DataFile Technologies is great! We can depend on them to get things done and in a timely manner.”

– Stephanie B., Practice Administrator

"During our 10 years, we have had great service, support and continuing education. I am always so impressed by their communication — they keep us updated about the latest changes expected by the government and insurance industry."

– Debi M., HIM Manager