Open the door to new opportunities for your organization... partnering with a business certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

Of course, you’ll be able to check a box to comply with diversity requirements, but that isn’t the most impactful benefit of working with a business that has WBE certification.

Grants & Tax Incentives

The federal government offers tax incentives and grants to companies that do business with minority and woman-owned businesses. And for projects funded with federal or state grants, additional tax incentives such as reduced tax liabilities are afforded when the supplier is a woman-owned business.

Innovative Solutions To Old Problems

Add more value to your business by working with a partner that brings a diverse approach to old challenges. In today’s world, if your business is going to standout, you need to find new, better ways of doing things — no matter the industry, specialty or size of business. What better way to accomplish this than standing with a team that knows the challenges you’ll face in trying to create an identity that stands out from the competition. Not only are you welcoming new ideas but you’re also strengthening your brand identity by adopting these ideas and encouraging other corporations to prioritize supplier diversity activities.

“There are so many benefits and opportunities that come from a different viewpoint. In healthcare and HIM, we can provide a healthy balance of empathy for the needs of patients along with the medical practice’s need for structure and accountability.”

– Janine Akers, CEO, DataFile Technologies

While DataFile Technologies has received WBE status, you can be sure that it’s business as usual. To Janine Akers, DataFile CEO, quality is gender agnostic and results come to those who earn them. Janine has modeled her business on hard work, diligence and tenacity for all members of her team from day one.

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