KANSAS CITY, Mo. – July 18, 2016 – PRLog — DataFile Technologies, a leader in health information management solutions, announces the promotion of Benjamin Bull to lead the Business Development and Client Experience teams. With this internal promotion, DataFile continues its trend of building a strong leadership team to drive and support the rapid growth of the company.Ben-Bull-Web

Bull credits his passion for business and a strong work ethic from watching his father, Randall Bull, Sr., a life-long entrepreneur in the construction industry. Ben started his career as an entrepreneur, working alongside his father in the family construction company. He later transitioned into sales, working with a Fortune 500 company in a number of roles from outside sales, sales supervisor to leading the Kansas City region’s largest branch location, participating in talent development and corporate leadership programs. He earned a number of accolades including Sales Manager of the Year, along with an Innovation Award for new service line implementation.

Continuing his proven track record of performance, execution and leadership, Ben found DataFile to be the perfect fit to balance his love of entrepreneurial endeavors and strength in leading teams to achieve success and drive innovation. He started his career at DataFile as the company’s sales manager, then business development manager and now his new role as Director of Business Development and Client Experience.

CEO, Janine Akers, knows what to look for in the leaders she attracts and cultivates. “In a start-up environment, you need people who are up for new challenges, each and every day. They have to be flexible and team-oriented to ensure your success.” Akers continues, “Ben was initially brought to DataFile to provide structure to our sales department; with our rapid growth, being strategic with our sales team was crucial. We had the talent, the drive and the leadership, Ben has really been the vehicle to drive structure, accountability and mobility to our sales team. He now leads our Client Experience process as we continue cultivating strong relationships with our clients.”

As Bull settles into his new role, excitement is one of the words he uses to describe what lies ahead. “I’m very excited; excited because we are in an extremely fast growing market, a huge industry. The way our business model at DataFile is arranged, there are opportunities for new verticals and valuable service offerings we can bring to multiple industries with the data experts we develop.”

Ben is further charged with leading the client experience initiatives at DataFile, a challenge he passionately accepts. “With the onset of our client experience initiatives, we are striving to be the best, not the biggest, player in our market space. Our goal is centered on developing our people so that we are best in class when it comes to competing in the healthcare data industry. I feel honored to be one of the leaders steering our growth and fueling the people to sustain it.”

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