Investing in Ideal Candidates to Optimize Business Results

The most successful companies ensure the foundation of the business is strong—in those companies, the foundation is the great people powering their products and services. Business success starts with hiring people who find their work meaningful but also are the right fit for the company and role. Doing so optimizes resources, maximizes quality output and drives engagement.

At DataFile, we are a people-powered data technology company, and we embody our people-first mentality in everything we do, especially our hiring process.

One of the programs we use to make informed hiring decisions is Culture Index (CI). Through advanced behavioral analytics data and ongoing consulting and mobilization of that data, we can better understand a candidate’s unique strengths in order to place them in the right seat. After hiring, we use CI to help us manage our teams, communicate more effectively and set people up to succeed.

How It Works 

We ask each candidate to complete the CI assessment during the application process. You may be thinking, why do you need a behavioral assessment to determine fit—shouldn’t a resume cover that?

CI does not measure skill set or experience, or many other complexities that make up a human person. Rather, CI is where science meets the stories of real people. It identifies seven job-specific traits including autonomy, social ability, patience, conformity, logic, ingenuity, and mental stamina. Understanding these hardwired traits help us match candidates to the right role—one that allows them to thrive.

Discovering the Best Fit for the Role

Certain roles require certain behaviors…constantly. For example, a Data Scientist may require high patience to maintain a single focus for an extended period of time with comfort and ease. A Customer Experience Representative, on the other hand, may thrive more with low patience to effectively handle variant tasks and ever-shifting client priorities.

While most people can focus deeply on a task or multi-task in a pinch, no one naturally excels at both. If a high-patience person is forced to juggle shifting priorities and consistently needs to adapt to a changing environment, that could be challenging. Day in and day out, that person will become frustrated, stressed and fatigued in their role because their duties betray their natural tendencies. A role that’s well-aligned to a person’s inherent traits allows them to be more productive and engaged in their role. It also saves the juice in their mental and emotional energy for the things that matter most outside of work, like family.

CI is a non-biased way to assess someone’s hardwiring for a role. Of course, CI doesn’t measure everything nor is it the only tool we use in hiring. We pair CI assessments with skill set and relevant experience to create a complete picture of a candidate. Furthermore, we find employee referrals incredibly valuable during the hiring process, as it adds a layer of credibility.

The DataFile Difference 

The bottom line is we need our employees to feel successful, and we do care about their happiness. Unsurprisingly, studies show workplace satisfaction increases productivity and quality output. Aligning people with work that’s natural and energizing—as opposed to draining and frustrating—empowers our employees to be passionate agents for our clients.

Our people-centered focus is responsible for many of our company successes. I can proudly say that we lead the industry in our Release of Information service with an accuracy rate of 99.97% and turnaround time within 24 hours. We are also the first health data company to offer a comprehensive Prior Authorization service. We combine human intellect with technology to accomplish the tasks our customers need.

Increasing value starts with finding the right people aligned with the right roles. If you’re looking for a partner to optimize your EHR, consider working with a truly people-powered technology company. We meet people where they are—knowing their strengths—and match them to roles that enable them to truly make a difference.

– Janine Akers, Owner/Principal at DataFile Technologies

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