Community health organizations and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) share a common goal and challenge. The goal? Doing the most good for the most people. The challenge? Achieving this goal with minimal budget. Additionally, the success of community health organizations hinges on the ability to qualify for grants and incentive programs that are tied to patient satisfaction, outcomes, quality measures and accurate reporting.

The success of meeting your goals relies heavily on HIPAA compliance and your ability to produce accurate reports. One HIPAA violation or breach can keep you from delivering quality care to your patients.


Offloading your health information management and medical record needs to our healthcare data experts allows you to offload HIPAA liability to our team and reduce risk of error. This value is proven in our 99.97% accuracy rate. You can also leverage our team of HIPAA compliance experts to train your staff or complete your annual Security Risk Analysis.

We’ll help you maximize your community health resources — both human and financial — so your staff can provide quality care to your patients. Call 816.437.9134 or email us today!