KANSAS CITY, Mo. December 19, 2018 – DataFile Technologies announces its interoperability professional services. On the heels of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announcing the next evolution of Meaningful Use is Promoting Interoperability, DataFile is poised to bridge the gap in automation with specialized professional services.

DataFile is an HIM data and services company specializing in combining human capital with technology platforms to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare.  With the advent of interoperability in healthcare, technology platforms are evolving to make health data more functional, accessible and transportable.  During that transition, DataFile is filling a critical gap between the systems leveraging interoperability and the needs of healthcare organizations by applying its highly trained HIM workforce to the tasks that technology and artificial intelligence cannot yet address.

Janine Akers, CEO of DataFile, believes the company is uniquely positioned to help organizations move forward with data interoperability while minimizing the transition cost and burden.

“I’d say we’re in a perfect position to help here,” Akers said. “We have a clear view of the connections between providers, patients and data requestors and for years, DataFile has been performing the manual functions interoperability aims to eventually automate. We bridge the gap with these services as we contribute to the architecture and design of future automation capabilities.”

Interoperability platforms often suffer some level of missing information or errors trying to leverage interoperable data that isn’t yet consistent or perfectly accessible. DataFile provides the highly skilled human judgment to fill these gaps. The interoperability services available from DataFile include data handling and cleansing, such as:

  • Patient matching and data clean up
  • Syntax error research and correction
  • Registry error research and correction
  • Targeted data curation

To further the movement toward interoperability, DataFile partners with organizations like CommonWell, Carequality and SHIEC leading the charge to provide optimal service and resources to healthcare organizations and health exchanges.

As a long-established health information management service provider, interoperability services was a natural service extension for DataFile, which already executes workflows for HIM tasks to ensure efficiency, compliance, accuracy and cost savings for healthcare organizations.

According to Akers, “Healthcare is in the midst of an evolution, and interoperability plays a vital role. Interoperability is more than a government incentive. It’s an innovation that will ultimately lead to decreased costs, improved patient experience and better organizational decision making. At DataFile, we are committed to making data processes as seamless as possible so that healthcare professionals can focus on patients.”


About DataFile Technologies

DataFile understands today’s healthcare organizations are overburdened with a changing landscape and required to do more with less. As a business process outsourcing partner, DataFile takes on arduous administrative tasks so healthcare organizations can focus more on patient care while maintaining a healthy bottom line.


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