At DataFile Technologies, we recognize that our greatest compliance asset is our people. To celebrate our commitment to compliance, we participated in Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week (CCEW) for the first time. This year’s global event ran from November 6 through November 12, and centered around the theme “Provide. Protect. Prevent.” Together, members from our Compliance Team and the DataFile Engagement and Cultural Ambassadors (DECA) Committee put together a week of daily activities designed to entertain, educate and reward our team of healthcare data experts.


paris-and-shannonTo kick off Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week, Friday November 4th we hosted a Lunch & Learn event. Compliance Manager Gary Powell, Regulatory Compliance Advisor Kathryn Ayers Wickenhauser and Chief Information Officer Trent Peters were present to answer any compliance questions our team had. Employees who submitted questions prior to the event were entered to win a raffle prize. Attendees at the event were also encouraged to ask any questions they had in the open forum manner. For nearly an hour our team asked great questions and lively discussion ensued. In accordance with the CCEW theme “Provide,” attendees were offered pizza.



scott-and-michaelFollowing the CCEW theme “Protect,” DECA hid fictitious PHI in locations around our office each day of CCEW, an event we deemed the “PHI Prowler Challenge.” For our valued remote employees, DECA also designed activities for them to find fictitious PHI in unsuitable locations as well. The first team member to identify the inappropriate placement and identify the PHI to DECA committee members was rewarded with “HIPAA Hippos. The event became progressively more challenging as the week went on as team members searched to find and identify the decoy PHI. We’re proud to say our healthcare data experts identified and corrected every incorrectly placed piece of false PHI!



Aligned with the theme “Prevent,” the Compliance Team postedscott-and-jody a daily compliance question on our intranet. Employees submitted answers for a chance to win a $10 gift card raffle prize. The following day, the correct answer was posted, along with an educational article about the answer. Topics included:  “Why We at DataFile are #HIPAAnerds,” “The DFT Compliance Team and What It Does,” “Don’t Pass on Creating a Strong Password,” “Breaches, Violations, and Beyond” and “Getting Social.”

This activity was a great way to provide our healthcare data experts with timely information to continue to prevent compliance concerns. We also introduced the “Confidential Compliance Corner” through our internet, a platform that allows team members to anonymously submit any comment, question or observation they may have related to the DataFile Compliance Team.

CCEW Conclusion

Overall, Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week was a great way to share knowledge and connect with our healthcare data experts. Compliance Manager Gary Powell expressed, “This was a great inaugural compliance week! This annual event is central to our mission to build and maintain a culture of compliance in our organization and we look forward to a bigger, better compliance week next year!”


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