DataFile just held our version of the Oscars on March 29th – one of our favorite events of the year! Our most valuable asset is our team of healthcare data experts working to make this company the best it can be. Every year we like to take some time to show our team just how much we appreciate them and everything that they do by holding our annual Big WIG (Wildly Important Goals) Awards. We had an amazing time celebrating each of our fantastic employees and their importance to the DataFile team at this year’s show.

These awards are special as all nominations come from peer submissions, this way everyone has the opportunity to recognize their coworkers. The DataFile team can’t wait for this time every year to celebrate their friends and peers! In fact, this year we had so many nominations for our Most Valuable DataFiler (MVD) award that we ended up with three winners!

The magical event took place at the Armour Lofts event space which was decorated with lights and balloons. DataFilers snacked on nachos, cotton candy, and various sweets while CEO, Janine Akers excitedly presented each award to the winners. The official mascot of the Big WIG Awards is the Big WIG pig, so of course each winner was presented with a bronze pig trophy with their name engraved on the base. Her sincere enthusiasm for each and every award presented was contagious as the audience loudly squeaked the rubber pigs used to decorate the tables instead of the traditional choice of clapping for each winner. Next time you stop by our headquarters, look for these awards proudly displayed around the office.

We would like to congratulate everyone nominated for the 2018 Big WIG Awards and the work they do to help healthcare organizations each and every day.  We extend a special round of applause to all of our final winners listed below!

The 2018 WIG Award Winners are:

  • Teachable and Trainable – Joey Liscano
  • Culture Index – Lisa Rea
  • Shows Up to Go Up – Mike Neely
  • Client Experience – Michelle Delk
  • Healthcare Data Expert – Devon Lawrence
  • Intrapreneurial – Bethany Nelson
  • Most Engaging – Kristen Darrach
  • Most Authentic – Wes Dodd
  • Leadership – Joe DeSimone
  • “MVD” (Most Valuable DataFiler) – Alex Kelly, Alex Foote and Angela Garza


Other than the company wide awards, each department also had a few special recognitions of their own. Congratulations to each of these honorees!


  • The DFT Drive Award – Randy Delp

Business Development:

  • Rookie of the Year – Alaina Lamphear
  • Sales Person of the Year – Alex Foote

Human Resources:

  • MVAEC – Kelly Genske


  • Impeccable Implementer – Kim Ritchey


  • Gold Digger – Allison Shaw
  • Contact Center Representative of the Year – Bessie Hollis
  • Most Files Completed – Danielle Mullis
  • Pageapalooza – Janice Garren
  • The Support Award – Kristi Carman
  • The Big Support Award – Lisa Black
  • The Prolific eFiler of 2017 – Maren Smith
  • Eagle Eye Award – Maya Darwiche Tayiem
  • The Big Support Award – Seanna Dunkin
  • Mail Machine – Shelly Mellor


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