When thinking of a medical practice, patients tend to only immediately recognize the provider and nursing staff. Yet, as we know, there are so many people responsible for a smooth healthcare experience, even if they are behind the scenes.

That’s why this week are celebrating all that our unsung health information professional (HIP) heroes do to keep a practice running efficiently. In fact, AHIMA has declared March 18th-24th, 2018 as the 29th annual HIP week.  Join DataFile in celebrating all that our wonderful health information professionals do!

What constitutes a Health Information Professional:

Health Information Professionals are often on the frontline dealing with patient care and on the backside as the hard workers knocking out administrative tasks on behalf of the practice. The work HIPs do encompasses a variety of vital functions for healthcare organizations including:

  • Fulfilling medical records requests
  • Entering and structuring discreet data both for patient care and to meet government regulations for reimbursements
  • Coding and auditing
  • Making sure the practice is HIPAA compliant
  • Managing IT and EHR infrastructure – they’re the experts you call when you can’t get something to work
  • Making sure the patient’s bills are paid through revenue cycle management
  • And so much more!

A practice without health information professionals is like a car without wheels. You wouldn’t be able to go anywhere or get anything done!

To our clients:

Thank you to each and every one of you for all that you do.  We appreciate being your remote partner! Even if we don’t work together in the office every day, you are a part of our lives. We are happy to help support you and your organization through our team of health information professionals taking on those administrative and back office tasks on your behalf.  We are grateful that you chose us as your co-worker and partner in another location.

To our team of health information professionals at DataFile:

There’s a reason we call you healthcare data experts! We salute you. You are the core of our business. You understand the in’s and out’s of what our clients need.  Our fellow HIPAA nerds! You impress us with your knowledge of protocols and EHR workflows.  More impressive? Your accuracy and speed! You are the only people we know who can fulfill incoming documents in two hours or records requests within 24 hours with 99.97% accuracy! While you may not be sitting in a medical office, you are a critical component of ensuring a provider and practice’s day goes smoothly, and for that, we are grateful. You, our healthcare data experts (and health information professionals extraordinaire!), are the most important part of DataFile Technologies and we are lucky to work with such an amazing team!

Our challenge to you, dear reader:

This week think of every piece of data entered into your EHR, every test ordered and every insurance bill received, and think about the team that’s behind it doing what they can to make a practice run smoothly and efficiently. Celebrate a health information professional today! We certainly appreciate all HIPs do. The future of health information professionals certainly IS bright!


DataFile Technologies, your remote partner in health information management


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