There’s never a dull moment around DataFile. Between decorated spaces, candy galore and a fun contest, we’re keeping fall festive! What we’re most excited about is our “Trick or Treat for Synergy” drive.


We’ve created a fun way for our employees to donate the items that Synergy needs the most. There are two boxes set up each in our lobby labeled “Trick” or “Treat.” Items donated into either box will act as a vote for the Halloween costumes our four executives will wear this Halloween. The choices are between dressing them up as the Ghostbusters or the mascots for Fruit of the Loom, each option equally embarrassing.

The response to our “Trick or Treat for Synergy” drive has been greater than we had even hoped! Each day we are seeing more items appear in the boxes. It was originally expected that the more popular costume choice for our executives would be the Ghostbusters, but Fruit of the Loom has taken an early and understandable lead. Who wouldn’t want to see their boss dressed up as a big apple?

Adding to the Halloween spirit, more spooky decorations have been popping up all over our office as we get closer to the 31st. Our Implementation department couldn’t even wait until October, they started decorating in late September! One of their more popular additions has been a creepy statue of a butler whom they have affectionately named “Chives.” He can be seen around the office wearing a variety of different masks and has appeared lurking in the background a few of our company videos. Chives even starred in our video promoting “Trick or Treat for Synergy.”  He was such a big hit that Synergy featured the video on their Facebook page.

You can join the fun too! Support Synergy as they serve victims of domestic violence – and see the DataFile leadership dressed in one of two EPIC costumes for Halloween – by donating today. For more information, contact Claire Fallone at DataFile.

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