Interoperability doesn't (yet) mean full automation. While standards, platforms and AI tools race to fulfill the promise of interoperability, the people who understand secure, efficient information exchange will make up the difference. At DataFile, we provide the human capital to help you reach and get the most from interoperability.


Whether you're actively pursuing interoperability strategies or just starting out, we can help. DataFile leverages skilled human judgment to fill the inherent gaps in interoperability that automation cannot yet fill. Because HIM is DataFile's core area of focus, we sit right at the crossroads of automation and compliance, executing workflows for manual data interoperability tasks ensuring efficiency, compliance, accuracy and cost savings for you.

Let our professional services team support your interoperability efforts with,

  • Patient matching and data clean up
  • Syntax error research and correction
  • Registry error research and correction
  • Targeted data curation
  • ...and more

Someday, artificial intelligence and data automation will deliver on the interoperability promise.  Until then, you have DataFile to close the gap.


We are proud to be a member of the following collectives -- creating relationships with other vendors, HIEs and more to break down any barriers to interoperable healthcare.


DataFile modernizes current connections with requestors to improve workflow and lower costs, while retaining the value of structured discrete data. This change is important because it makes analytic and data driven workflows possible when data is retrieved. At DataFile, we leverage industry standards for interoperability — such as the Consolidated-Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA). There are many technical ways to make data move from place to place, but without standards-based, structured, coded data, meaningful interoperability isn’t possible.

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