After a nationwide search for the best COO candidate we could possibly find, we realized he was right under our nose the whole time! DataFile Technologies is proud to announce Shawn Whitcomb as our new Chief Operating & Technology Officer.

Janine Akers, CEO, often credits serendipity for the wonderfully unexpected things that have happened at DataFile over the years, and Shawn is a prime example. Recently, Shawn came to DataFile as the Chief Information Officer. However, after a period as interim COO, Shawn proved well qualified to expand his scope and assume the permanent role of COO. Given DataFile’s strategic growth in technology initiatives including interoperability and HIM automation and applications, it was imperative to find an operations leader with strong IT expertise. Shawn’s extensive background in IT leadership and his innovative approach to operations allow him to make an immediate impact. By harnessing technology in operations, DataFile is poised to better serve our clients and enable our team members to thrive.

Along with the new role of COO, Shawn will maintain oversight of IT, Implementation, Compliance, Security, Research and Development and Special Operations taking on the formal title of COO/CTO. We are beyond enthusiastic about the future of DataFile with Shawn as the COO/CTO and look forward to his work making a positive difference in our organization.

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