If you’re a Practice Admin, your workload is overflowing as you strive daily to meet physician expectations, achieve quality reporting metrics, manage the never-ending flow of incoming documents and provide quality care to patients. And if your organization doesn’t have office space or budget for additional staff, how do you keep up? Call DataFile! We’re standing by to provide you with a team of exceptionally trained health information management (HIM) experts who work remotely and won’t require your day-to-day management and oversight.

How Can DataFile Help?

From small practices to multi-location medical groups and health networks, DataFile can provide a talented labor force and improved workflows that integrate seamlessly with any EHR. We’ll manage your incoming and outgoing medical records so you can keep your internal team focused on revenue generating activities and high-priority projects centered around your needs and your patients. Removing the burden of medical records management lets your doctors be doctors while our HIM team takes on the time intensive EHR-generated tasks like indexing documents, entering structured data, preloading charts and more.

Call us at 816.437.9134 or email us today! We’re ready to help you expand your practice without increasing your budget.