Patients Need Forms, But You Need Time & Staff to Complete Them

Reclaim your clinical staff and their valuable time with eForms from DataFile

Timely completion of forms like disability and FMLA is an important patient service, but the time spent completing this administrative work can prevent clinical staff from focusing on treatment and outcomes. Our team of health information management specialists can take over forms completion and distribution, allowing you to meet patients’ form needs AND spend more time on patient care.

The Smarter Way to Complete Forms

Industry ExpertiseLeverage an experienced team with clinical experience capable of adopting your forms processes and procedures.
Time Savings Gain back hours of your clinical staff and provider time completing and distributing FMLA and Disability forms.
Quality AssuranceTrust proven workflows and audit procedures that provide standardization and consistency.
Faster Turn Around TimesWhile it can commonly take 7 to 14 days to complete a necessary form, we're often able to complete forms within 3 days of receipt.
Liability TransferMove the compliance burden to us as your trusted business associate and rely on our compliance team to handle HIPAA liability issues.

DataFile Never Calls in Sick

When patients need a form completed, staff absences, busy patient schedules and limited staff availability can result in costly delays for patients — and customer service issues for your office. By trusting DataFile, you get a well-trained health information management team with staff redundancies, internal audit layers and compliance resources. That means we’ll never call in sick, show up late or need to be retrained. When you have DataFile, you can focus on the growth and management of your organization.

Onboarding Is Easy

Focus your team on patient care — we make it simple to make the switch. All you have to do is a few easy steps…

  • Connect us with your IT resource to create a HIPAA-secure virtual connection
  • Set-up DataFile as a user in your EHR
  • Discuss your preferences
  • Task forms to DataFile

Your forms completion procedures can be the difference between a happy patient or a dissatisfied one. Find out how we can streamline the process and remove the busywork from your clinical staff. 

Next Steps

Make the Switch

Whether you’re handling forms in-house or utilizing an outside resource, DataFile makes it simple to switch. Start today with an overview of our capabilities to find out how we can help your organization.