Keeping protected health information (PHI) safe is a must...

and you need a partner who places as much importance on privacy, security and customer service as you do.

That's where DataFile comes in. As your business associate, we assume the HIPAA liability involved in the transfer of information and remove the burden of reporting from your staff. We maintain our 99.97% accuracy rate by adhering to strict workflows and standardized operating procedures.


Experienced HIM staffLeverage a team that understands medical and legal terminology, pathology, diagnoses and procedures and receives intensive HIPAA training.

Quality AssuranceExperience both fast and thorough service. Your medical record requests undergo a thorough QA process and multiple checkpoint reviews before distribution.

Increased ScalabilityAs your practice or hospital grows, so can we. We have trained staff ready to seamlessly take on your increased volume without sacrificing compliance.

Breach and Violation MediationRest assured that if an incident occurs time-intensive reporting procedures will be handled by our team, along with the costs associated.

Security Risk AnalysisEnsure your practice is in compliance with annual HIPAA requirements by leveraging our HIPAA experts to complete your Security Risk Analysis.

Learn more about our HIPAA standards and compliance measures.

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"Our entire team of records professionals continues to excel. Despite the increasing complexity of records release, our clients are enjoying yet another year of relief from the worry of compliance issues and HIPAA incidents."

– Janine Akers, CEO & Compliance Officer, DataFile Technologies