You never know when or how many records you’ll be asked to process for payer reviews, and the increased volume over your day-to-day requests makes it even tougher. Responding to hundreds or even thousands of these requests can displace key team members or require you to open your offices to onsite auditors. These requests for records from payers can create work disruptions, space issues and compliance risks.

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DataFile can step in to help practices fulfill these requests with our fast, knowledgeable and responsive team of release of information professionals. Our fulfillment process is streamlined and reliable, ensuring that your payers receive the information they need quickly and accurately. We guarantee compliant and accurate records with a much faster turnaround time for requestors and less (or no) cost for you.

Rapid FulfillmentDataFile will contact the requestor immediately to begin the fulfillment process.
Fast ReturnOnce we receive payment, we will process complete medical records quickly and efficiently.
Liability TransferWe work directly with the payers so there are no outside distractions in your office from reviews.

Find out what DataFile can do to help your organization make easy work of payer reviews. Contact us today.

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