Interoperability is here to stay

The race is on to build interoperable health information systems that provide secure and compliant access to healthcare data without significant cost and infrastructure changes. In today’s practices, health information is often shared via fax, so the textual representation is lost. Our industry needs something new and better. The requestors of healthcare data are hungry for data that enables automation and business intelligence.

Modernizing the Connection

DataFile is working to modernize current connections with requestors to improve workflow and lower costs, while retaining the value of structured discrete data. This change is important because it makes analytic and data driven workflow possible after the data is retrieved. At DataFile, we’re working to leverage industry standards for interoperability — such as the Consolidated-Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA). There are many technical ways to make data move from place to place, but without standards-based, structured, coded data, meaningful interoperability isn’t possible.

Velocity for Faster Records

DataFile offers our Velocity service, allowing requestors to take advantage of a single connection to all the data sources we serve, improving the ability to assemble a more complete picture of the patient quickly and at a lower cost. This reduces disruption in the practice office and the practice can trust that we’re compliant with HIPAA standards while being less hands-on in the workflow. This also opens a channel to systems such as health information exchange organizations and other aggregated data sources that datafile exclusively serves.

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