Actionable Health Information. Faster Data Exchange.

The speed of healthcare and the weight of outcomes demand the next evolution of medical data exchange. Velocity Exchange™ from DataFile offers a faster way to receive structured and unstructured health data for improved clinical and financial decision-making. Velocity Exchange leverages an unparalleled network of data repositories and utilizes a proprietary platform to aggregate, structure and deliver health data. In addition, healthcare data requestors can leverage the DataFile HIM experts to ensure compliance and accuracy, even in in the exceptions that automation doesn’t address.

The race is on to build interoperable health information systems that provide secure and compliant access to healthcare data without significant cost and infrastructure changes. Healthcare information requestors are hungry for data that enables automation and business intelligence. Velocity Exchange delivers.

Modernizing the Connection

Through Velocity Exchange, DataFile modernizes current connections with health data requestors to improve workflows and lower costs, while retaining the value of structured discrete data. This change is important because it makes analytic and data driven workflows possible after the data is retrieved. At DataFile, we leverage industry standards for interoperability — such as the Consolidated-Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA). There are many technical ways to make data move from place to place, but without standards-based, structured, coded data, meaningful interoperability isn’t possible.

Velocity Exchange for Faster Records

DataFile offers Velocity Exchange to enable requestors to take advantage of a single connection to many healthcare data sources, improving the ability to assemble a more complete picture of the patient quickly and at a lower cost. This also opens a channel to systems such as health information exchanges and other aggregated data sources that DataFile exclusively serves. With Velocity Exchange, healthcare plans, record retrieval services, government entities and life insurers alike can access many records with one clear view. The last mile of interoperability just got shorter with Velocity Exchange.

Velocity Exchange
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